Discover the benefits of hiring a city or mountain eBike to explore the beautiful local countryside around Huntly, or using as an alternative to car travel.

Be healthier

Riding a bike is healthy, fun and a low-impact form of exercise for all ages. Whether it’s a journey to work, or getting the whole family involved in a weekend cycle around our town and countryside, cycling helps to improve fitness and wellbeing.

Save money

Save on those ever-rising fuel costs and avoid any parking charges too!

Support the environment

Reduce your carbon footprint by riding a bike whenever possible. No waiting in traffic – better for you and the environment!

Car Club

The Huntly Car Club is a community car club supported by Co-Wheels. It allows 24-hour access to pay-as-you-drive vehicles. If you need a second car on the odd occasion, or want to have access to a car without owning one, this could be the perfect solution for you.

There are also lots of other benefits of having a car when you need one, and not when you don't...

Save money

With the Car Club, you only pay when you use the car. You don’t have to worry about costs such as insurance, tax, servicing, breakdown cover and maintenance.

Be greener

Using the Car Club can help lessen the amount of pollution and subsequent effects on our environment.

Enjoy the convenience

With the Car Club you have access to modern, well-maintained and lower emission cars, taking the hassle out of owning a car. Book it, drive it, drop it back – it’s that easy!

eBike Hire

eBike Hire

Hire a city or mountain eBike to explore Huntly and its beautiful countryside, or use as an alternative to car travel

Car Club

Car Club

Save money and the environment by driving one of our eco friendly cars. 2 hybrids and 1 EV available. A car when you need one, not when you don’t

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